Lillplogen: A niece restaurant in Värmdö

Värmdö is an island in the innermost part of the Stockholm Archipelago and covers an area of 181,40 km2, making it the largest island in the archipelago. Värmdö is the third largest island on the eastern coast of Sweden, after Gotland and Oil. Värmdö is located in the heart of Stockholm Archipelago. THE FAVOURITE PLACE […]

Good pizza in Värmdö

THE ORIGIN OF PIZZA Although it is known first and foremost as an Italian creation, the history of Pizza can be traced back to the ancient lands of the Middle East, Greece and even Egypt. These cultures were among the first to produce flatbread from their mud furnaces. It is believed that flatbread became popular […]

Lunch in Värmdö

The faster pace of life, the number of obligations and the lack of time often push us out of the right rhythm of life. Then we happen to neglect what matters most – which is a healthy diet. In order to achieve the proper rhythm of life, we need to have three major meals during […]

The best restaurant for business lunch in Varmdo

Although digitalization has made most of the work done today by e-mail, phone or social networking, a business lunch remains the key final step when you want to close a business. Although business lunches are part of our daily routine, the skills of organizing a business lunch are crucial. We should get the most out […]