Värmdö is an island in the innermost part of the Stockholm Archipelago and covers an area of 181,40 km2, making it the largest island in the archipelago. Värmdö is the third largest island on the eastern coast of Sweden, after Gotland and Oil. Värmdö is located in the heart of Stockholm Archipelago.


The Stockholm Archipelago has over 24.000 islands, 80 km east of the city to the Baltic Sea. They are definitely worth exploring, especially in the summer, when there’s endless potential for barbecuing, swimming and overnight stays. Every summer, half of Stockholm’s population seems to disappear into the archipelago to escape from the bustle of city life.


The Stockholm Archipelago has a lot to offer, from the north to the south, islands and rocks, each of them have their own characteristics. Beautiful landscapes, nature, wildlife and restaurants. Värmdö is located in the heart of Stockholm Archipelago. There’s a lot of things to do in Värmdö! Whether it’s nature, culture, history, sport or adventure, the archipelago has experiences to suit everyone! There are also many different restaurants, cafés and take-out places to choose from. A number of restaurants are open during the whole year, so no matter the season, you can enjoy great food with a stunning waterfront view, but also some of them are open only in summer. 


We started in 1996 as a small pizza boutique for take away and only four serving tables. Soon, we became one of the best pizzerias on the island. In 2003 we expanded our restaurant and offered a full kitchen menu, with 50 seats inside and 60 seats in the garden where we will finish the barbecue area in early June. The most important specialty of our restaurant is pizza. We also have a great selection on the menu, that suits everyone. We offer a wide range of delicious international dishes (e.g. Italian cuisine) and Swedish local cuisine.

The atmosphere in the restaurant is always hospitable and warm with a fireplace that dominates in the winter. Lillplogen will become your favourite place for spending time with your family and friends, with great prices and delicious food! Our staff are always very welcoming, friendly and service-minded. 


Your dish can be prepared and packed for you to take if you are prevented from dining at the restaurant. Order your dish by phone, and get it at the agreed time. The earliest you can order is for 10 a.m. Mon – Fri and 11 a.m. Sat-San. The time for orders is up at 9:30 pm half an hour before closing time. Also, you can pop into Lillplogen and order a takeaway from inside. Our friendly staff will be more than happy to help. While your order is being put together you can enjoy a relaxing drink at the bar. 



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