The faster pace of life, the number of obligations and the lack of time often push us out of the right rhythm of life. Then we happen to neglect what matters most – which is a healthy diet. In order to achieve the proper rhythm of life, we need to have three major meals during the day: breakfast, lunch and dinner, and two smaller snacks.


Of all three meals, we have listed – breakfast and lunch are the most important. It gives us energy, improves concentration and memory. If we skip one of these meals, our body will register it and ask us for that meal later in the day. This on our part usually happens when we finish all our business obligations and come home. If this is repeated from day to day, week to week, month to month, year to year, it causes metabolic disorders that later manifest through different conditions or diseases. This should not be part of our daily routine. There is a growing selection of restaurants where we can have the best lunch in Värmdö.

There are a growing number of restaurants in Värmdö that strive to satisfy the appetites of their guests. A wide range of restaurants is enjoyed by various groups of people. How to choose the best lunch in Värmdö depends on the preferences of each individual, but there are criteria that apply to everyone. These are restaurant hygiene, the kindness of the staff, quick service and delicious food.


There’s a lot of things to do in Värmdö! Whether it’s nature, culture, history, sport or adventure, the archipelago has experiences to suit everyone! There are also many different restaurants, cafés and take-out places to choose from. The atmosphere in our restaurant is always perfect! Our staff are always very welcoming, friendly and service-minded. Our pizza and lunches are well  recommended by many people on Värmdö. We also have a great selection on the menu, that suits everyone. 


The most important specialty of our restaurant is pizza. Also, we offer a wide range of delicious international dishes (e.g. Italian cuisine) and Swedish local cuisine. From the extensive menu, we can also highlight hamburgers as the second most popular dish. For a perfect lunch, you can have pasta, meat, salads etc.


Your  dish can be prepared and packed for you to take if you are prevented from dining at the restaurant. Order your dish by phone, and get it at the agreed time. The earliest you can order is for 10 a.m. Mon – Fri and 11 a.m. Sat-San. The time for orders is up at 9:30 pm half an hour before closing time. Also, you can pop into Lillplogen and order a takeaway from inside. Our friendly staff will be more than happy to help. While your order is being put together you can enjoy a relaxing drink at the bar.



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